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NEW! NAD+ Shot

When you don’t have time for an NAD IV, opt for our NAD Shot that delivers 50 mg in a quick injection. Also includes Amino Acids. Our PURITY STANDARDS INCLUDE NON-ANIMAL DERIVED NAD+.

Nad+ (Lite)

Our NAD+ Lite version includes 250 milligrams of pure NAD+. Includes a Myer’s Push and Vitamin D Shot for immunity and wellness. Want more NAD? Add 250mg more for $300 (each 250mg of NAD+).

Nad+ Ultra

5x stronger than our NAD+ lite, our “Naddy Daddy” features 1,250 mgs of pure Nad in a half liter hydration, followed by a Myer’s Push for immunity and wellness. Please note, due to the ultra doses of Nad in our Naddy Daddy, your treatment may take up to 4 hours to complete, so please plan accordingly.