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What is Painless laser hair removal?

You have hair where you don’t want it, let us help you banish the bush with our laser hair removal that is painless, effective and SAFE for all skin tones, colors, ethnicities and body parts.

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How does Painless Laser Hair Removal Work?

Using a safe blast of energy made to destroy hair follicles, we target the unwanted hair to become thinner, sparser, and slower growing.We use a Diode type of laser called Lightsheer by Lumenis. Our painless laser hair removal is truly amazing, as no numbing cream is needed and its safe for all skin tones. Plus you do NOT need to stay out of the sun before and after our laser treatments.

Laser Hair Removal

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Medium Area Painless Laser Hair Removal |

Choose one: Underarms; Upper Lip; Cheeks; Sideburns; Abdomen; Chin; Feet & Toes; Hands; Neck (back or front); Areola; Ears; OR Eyebrows.

Large Area Painless Laser Hair Removal |

Choose one: Arms (upper or lower); Back (upper or lower); Buttocks; Chest; Flanks; Legs (upper or lower); OR Shoulders.

Full Area Painless Laser Hair Removal |

Choose one: Arms & Hands; Back (full); Back & Shoulders; Bikini; Chest & Abs; Face; Gentleman’s Areas; OR Legs & feet.

The Bundle (One Session) |

Choose 3 areas (one medium area, one large area AND one full area).


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Laser technology has greatly evolved. At NU Med Spa we only use superior laser platforms that perform truly comfortable laser hair removal with the same, or better efficacy, all without the tears, hassle and numbing cream of the past, outdated technology.Inferior lasers shoot energy that is so intense, that it not only causes pain, but it provides unnecessary risk & potential damage to the skin of the treated areas. With these lasers, the energy is generally turned down to prevent pain, at the sacrifice of results-this causes customers to need more treatments because the treatments are not effectively destroying hairs. This is not the case with our lasers.

The cost depends on the area desired for laser hair removal. Please give us a call to get more accurate pricing to address your needs!

Our FDA Cleared Laser Machine will treat areas, to provide controlled laser rays to target, and kill off, unwanted hair. These laser rays essentially cook off the hair follicle to a point of destruction, all without damage to the skin. The resulting damage to the hair follicles reduce the body’s ability to grow and hold hair in the treated area(s).

As long as unwanted hairs are targeted with laser rays, the follicle will be cooked off. In fact, our painless lasers are superior than traditional lasers and new non-painful lasers. Here is why…


Nu Med Spa is a premiere Medical Spa where you can expect the best service and special attention to all your medical aeshtetic and body concerns. With our extensive experience in the skin care industry, we are committed to providing exceptional service and results to all of our patient

We use state-of-the-art technologies and the finest medical-grade ingredients, and every treatment program is customized to your specific needs to help you reach your goals quickly.
Our clinic works with all skin types, all skin tones, and we understand the struggle of obtaining beautiful healthy skin. This is why we are passionate about showing you how you can finally obtain that long-awaited stunning complexion.


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